Friday, September 22, 2006

Earn Good Test Score; Go Shopping

Good grades used to earn students a hearty "atta boy/girl" or a sneering "that's what's expected of you" from many parents.

In Coshocton grade schools, pass the state standardized tests and you can receive $100.

When my son told me about the program, he could barely contain his enthusiasm. Visions of new video games were dancing in his head. His class won in the lottery drawing and he attends an after school test preparation (which keeps him in school an extra hour). The jaw dropper: he likes it!

The school district and donor Bob Simpson deserve a thumbs up for trying to improve the system.

Regardless of the test results, which I'm certain will be positive, kids are learning.

What are your thoughts on the program?


Anonymous said...

When I was growing up, my parents offered me $5 for every A that I got on my report card. This could amount to $50 per term in grade school, which was quite a lot for me. But as I grew older, $50 wasn't enough to motivate me, and my parents didn't exactly want to keep shelling out money just to get me to do something that I was supposed to do anyway (study).

So, with this program, I'm just wondering what the kids will do when the cash dries up and they just have to take the standardized tests for their own sakes.

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