Friday, September 22, 2006

Banksy Rocks L.A.

When Angelina Jolie spends, people listen.

The art world is abuzz over the Los Angeles Banksy art exhibit, Barely Legal, has drawn numerous celebrity buying types. Jolie purchased $400,000 worth of art, including this painting of a family enjoying a picnic amidst starving Africans, from the well known guerilla artist.

Banksy has gained notoriety with graffiti art placed on building worldwide.

Recently, he punk'd Paris Hilton's recently released CD and posted the the results on YouTube. He's painted a live elephant and placed a Guatanomo figure in Disneyland.

His marriage of conflicting imagery offends the stuffed shirt status quo by making people look at our world's loss of innocence due to progress. Also, much of his work shows the human devastation wrought by corporations and governments.

Banksy has a website where you can view more of his work. Stuffed shirts need not apply.


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