Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mary Ann Pulls A Gilligan

This past weekend, during the greater Cincinnati Snow Blow 2008, my wife relayed an amusing anecdote from her long ago past.

While on lunch break, as she and a friend walked through the Westin hotel, they encountered Gilligan's Island characters, the Professor (Russell Johnson) and Mary Ann (Dawn Wells), sitting at a table. According to my wife, the pair were offering autographs, but there were no takers. People hurried by; oblivious to sitcom dynamic duo.

Which brings me this odd Mary Ann moment. Recently, 69 year old Mary Ann, err Dawn Wells, was busted for driving under the influence of wacky tobacky. According to an article by KTVB, the arresting officer smelled a strong odor of burning marijuana. Wells claimed the odor came from three pothead hitchhikers she had picked up. Okay, then.

Did other clues include a three quarter eaten bag of Island Girl organic tortilla chips, two empty tubs of Cheech Marin's Refried Dude Dip and Wrinkle Remover, three empty bottles of diet Mountain Dew, and a spilled bong?

Who were the three hitchhikers? Was she covering for the Professor, Ginger, and Tommy Chong?

Here's another clue: watch Dawn peel a spud.


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