Monday, March 10, 2008

Cincinnati Snow Blow 2008

Wow, what an interesting weekend.

Friday began what will become known, at least around here, as the "Greater Cincinnati Slip-n-Slide Pre-Spring Snow Blast and Opossum Invasion".

A foot of snow made our weekend inconvenient. Unfortunately, Saturday afternoon found us unable to leave our condo complex. We tried, but a slippery hill refused to yield to our Tradicional tequila desires.

Hunkered down, I read the excellent oral punk history, Please Kill Me, by Legs McNeil. In my opinion, Legs has written one of the great rock and roll books. Raw, bare knuckled, and in your face, the book illuminates real rock-n-roll via the gutters. If you give a shit about rock and roll or punk, read this book. If not, resume listening to REO Turdwagon or any other flavor-of-the-week MOR craptacular band.

Early Sunday morning, we conquered the hill and headed for Jungle Jim's. Shopping in a nearly empty 1.3 million sq. ft. grocery store felt sublime. With chocolate insects, Mojo Risin' Douple IPA, and chicken enchilada fixins in tow, we felt complete.

We settled in for a day of excellent brew, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Paris Je'taime, and enchiladas. Everything was perfect. Until the killer opossum arrived. More later.


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