Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Want To Be Liked?

Have you ever wanted more people to like you? Not like you like you, but be the kind of person that others like to hang around and take to a sushi bar?

Then, you should read and practice the Five Tips To Increase Your Likeability. After you've finished, come back here and read CTCN's Five More Tips To Increase Your Likeability:

#6 Dress as though you're a D-list celebrity. People fawn over celebrity even if it is faux celebrity. Name drop. Spew exotic sounding celebrity type names to make yourself look hip and trendy, "You'll never believe who was in the same room with me. ____from that huge English band, the _____. They're fantastic. Have you heard their new hit?" Of course, they haven't and they'll look to you for hip leadership.

#7 Randomly hand out twenty dollar bills to people you don't know. Let them know that "there's more of where that came from". Soon, you'll have gaggles of people who'll follow you like puppies.

#8 Set up your own blog. Put pictures of yourself all over it. Write uplifting and witty information about yourself. Make sure plenty of people link to your site. Manufacture popularity. Be controversial.

#9 Have your picture taken and make sure you partially expose your genitalia. Post in on your blog and all over the web. Worked for Paris Hilton, didn't it?

#10 Legally change your name. Pick out something like Madonna Hilton, Brangelina, or Filliam H. Muffman.


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