Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Teacher's Win Germiest Job Award

I never would have guessed it, but teacher's have the dirtiest jobs, and I'm not referring to Debra LaFave.

Although, when you consider that they interact with germ infested, booger eating, dirty handed kids all day, it's easy to understand why teachers are under a constant bacteria barrage. I suppose at the first sign of a bird flu outbreak, teachers will have to dress like Homer Simpson at the nuclear plant.

#8 on the list, publicist, certainly confused me. I didn't think the list factored in morals and lack of truth telling.

One more thing. As I perused the list, I didn't see drive up window worker. Talk about a germy profession. I sure wouldn't want to take change from a butt scratching, snot wiping on the hand contractor type who just had his hand down a porta-john because he saw something shiny.


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