Monday, September 18, 2006

Coming To Your Community: Shouting Surveillance Cameras?

The world gets a little spookier every day.

If case you haven't noticed the vast number of surveillance cameras (public and private) throughout the U.S., just know the Brits have a leg up on us. Not only do the Brits have cameras everywhere, they're using methods I'm sure will filter into this country soon.

In one British community, not only are you being watched, but if you do something like littering, the ever watchful eye will shout at you.

Also, the Brits have surveillance throughout their highway system. Cameras are used to catch speeders, cell phone offenders, seat belt non users, and uninsured motorists. Those ever resourceful Brits are watching the how much mileage you drive and charge you accordingly.
Of course, the British wrote the book on taxation without representation.

Don't think it won't happen here. Oregon is testing a pay to drive system funded by the feds.


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,

I found your new article pretty interesting. I also was impressed with the "Death and Taxes" Graph. It's pretty bad that we Americans are losing our privacy more and more every day.
Keep up the good work!
Jayne Call Imler..Author

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