Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Business Booming In Coshocton

September 1903--The Coshocton Age reported that "a scarcity of homes is appalling to the home hunters". ever before in the history of the city had the demand been so great.

New industries had popped up, and others expanded, which brought numerous employment seeking families into the Coshocton area.

Pope Gosser Pottery and Glass Works grew and needed homes for employees.

The Premium Manufacturing Company had expanded and found itself months behind in filling orders. Coshocton Machine Works, Meek-Beach, the Novelty Advertising Company, the Domestic Rug factory, and a soon-to-open glove maker all enjoyed record levels of production.

Most companies began working evening hours and Coshocton was enjoying unprecedented prosperity which fueled a housing boom in Coshocton.


harmonyworks said...

Hello Randy-
I enjoyed your article on Pope Gosser. My Grandfather worker for them for quite a long while.
I have recently started buying PG china online,and recently bought a peice signed by N. Yeatman. Do you know of any way that I can find out more about this person? Like an employee list or something?
I lived in Coshocton till I was in my mid 20's, and the name does not ring a bell at all.Any info would be great!
Karri Caley-Wilcox

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