Monday, August 28, 2006

Urban Legends Debunked

How do urban legends begin? You know...wild stories which seem to have credibility because someone you know, and perhaps trust, relays the tale to you.

Coshocton has a couple stories which have grown into urban legends, Cletus Reese and Mary Stockum. I'll never forget the first time I heard the Reese story; a demented man cruising up and down Coshocton county roads in search of broken down cars with innocent victims. The Reese legend had grown into a horrendous nine murders and a cannabalistic chow down.

Talk to some are long timers and you'll hear a totally different story. Why did the Reese murders grow into a more horrific urban legend? Live Science takes a stab at why and wherefore of the urban legend phenomena. Once you've completed the story, take a look at their list of top debunked urban legends.

Once you've ingested the info, call your cousin and say, "Hey, I thought you said you knew someone who knew someone who _____."


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