Sunday, August 27, 2006

The One Hundred Angriest Cities

One more list. I know Coshocton didn't make the 100 angriest cities lists, but I know a few people who do travel outside the county, occasionally. They need to read the list and plan accordingly.

A couple of angry city observations.

Florida has 5 of the top 12 angriest cities. I guess too much sun makes Jack an angry boy. After all, this is the state that Katherine Harris wants to represent as a senator. If you've ever read Fark,
you know that Florida rates its own icon and the icon rarely represents a positive story. Of course, this is a state that says, if you feel threatened, you can use deadly force to remedy the situation. Kiss kiss, bang bang.

The other observation: Fargo is listed as only the 98th angriest city. I guess the list makers never saw, Fargo.


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