Monday, August 14, 2006

Sixth Street Tattoo:
Coshocton's Own Body Art Gallery

Recently, a survey found that a quarter of Americans between 18-50 have a tattoo.

What was once considered a sign of rebellion has become a mainstream fashion statement. Gone are the crude tat's of yesteryear which have been replaced with vibrant colors and top flight artwork. Literally, with the right artist, you can become a piece of living art.

Fortunately, for Coshocton, you can have top flight artwork done, under the strictest sanitary conditions, by visiting Sixth Street Tattoo & Body Piercing.

A visit to Sixth Street Tattoo feels more like a visit to an art gallery. Owner Dallas Brewer has created a tattoo experience worthy of cable television's Miami Ink. His detailed artwork and technique has drawn a legion of fans from around the area. Recently, my wife has become a big fan of Dallas' craftsmanship after having her foot tattooed. She loves to show off the vibrant colors and highly recommends Dallas to her friends.

Sixth Street Tattoo's hours are Tuesday-Thursday 12-6 and Friday-Saturday 12-7. You can schedule an appointment by calling 740-622-8282 or visit 114 S. Sixth Street.


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