Monday, August 14, 2006

Majority of People Are Descended From Kings

Here's an interesting article which shows how many of us are related. The article states that odds are you are related to royalty.

Think about it. You're here because somebody before you survived. Your lineage has survived plagues, wars, pestilence, that you could watch Monday Night Football or Rescue Me.

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Anonymous said...

Hats, I am a decendant of a royal hat maker. Ha, talk about being someone's bitch.

Eh, I guess it could be worse. They could have been the royal food taster, or poop scooper. Not even good enough for the king ... you get his horse.

Randy M. Combs said...

Fret not, young hat maker descendant. For hat making hath been a noble skill. Perchance, you should becometh a hat maker, just knoweth thou should makest backward hats for gangs of the east, gangs of the west, and baseball catchers. Yoeth, yoeth.

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