Monday, August 14, 2006

Serenity Tea House: Coshocton's Solution to Restaurant Doldrums

Have you ever grown tired of the same old restaurant food fare in Coshcocton? Have you ever craved a freshly made panini, a slice of quiche, eggs benedict, or a real salad?

At a time where most Coshocton dining choices involve fast food, the Serenity Tea House gives you a wide selection of breakfast and lunch choices and it's all freshly made. I've been visiting Serenity since it first opened in 2003 and

Owner Jeanne Keenan's attention-to-detail shines throughout the restaurant, both in decor and food preparation. A good example would be the scone of-the-day. Not only do you receive a fresh made scone, but you get lemon curd and Devonshire cream.

Serenity Tea House offers an outstanding selection of Harney & Son's loose leaf teas are sure to please the most discerning tea drinker. Harney & Son's teas are famous for quality and blend. Also, Jeanne has made sure you have an eclectic selection of take home tea's and accesories. A personal favorite: the Russian Country Blend. If you're not a tea drinker, don't fret. Serenity features espresso, cappucinno, and a wide range of coffee related product.

Serenity Tea House has grown into a popular place for lunch. The weekly specials, cranberry salad, grilled panini sandwiches, and Serenity Signature Soup have built a strong, local following. Most days find Serenity bustling with a full house lunch crowd. You'll be hard pressed to find many of the unique menu items here in Coshocton.

I asked Jeanne her guiding force in maintaining Serenity Tea House and she said, "We want our customers to feel pampered. Even our name "Serenity" was chosen because that is what we want our customer to experience in our tea room." Undoubtedly, one method Serenity uses in delivering a pampered feeling had been their top flight service. The servers always seem eager-to-please and do a fantastic job in making customers feel welcome.

Serenity Tea House is located at 611 Main Street in downtown Coshocton. They're open 6 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday through Saturday. See you there. Posted by Picasa


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