Monday, August 14, 2006

Coshocton Railroad Tidbits From August 1911

August 1911--Three railroad tidbits:

  • The No.7, the Pennsylvania line's passenger train, suffered a delay after the smoking car left a track just a short distance from Coshocton. No one was injured but there were several shaken passengers. The Dennison wreck crew put the car back on the tracks and the train was only an hour late for the scheduled arrival time.
  • The evening W. & L.E. engine left the track outside of West Lafayette. The accident may have been caused by a passenger train dropping wood on the way out of town. Fortunately, the engineer kept the train under control and averted a serious accident. No one was injured and the train was set back on track arriving at the appointed destination only two hours behind schedule.
  • Dog "Buster" Smith decided to hop a train for a long journey with his master. While everyone waved goodbye to the dog's owner, E.B. Smith, the dog ran and leaped onto the moving train. The owner attempted to get the dog off the train, but eventually, the engineer had to stop the train to let off the poaching pooch. After all, Buster didn't have a ticket.


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