Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Preacher Runs From Justice

September 1911--While we live in an era of seemingly endless religious scandal, there was a time when a scandalous man of the cloth could provoke community outrage.

Such was the case when the Coshocton Daily Age reported that a retired minister found himself in probate court following a trist with an unnamed woman. The married ex-minister was brought to court by the woman's two children, both about 15 years old. Apparently, the children became aware of the couple's scandalous behavior and decided to bring a halt to the illicit affair.

The couple pleaded for the judge's leniency. The preacher promised to leave town and never return. Under those terms, the children asked that the case be dropped.

The Daily Age reported the case caused considerable excitement around the court house and in front of the woman's home


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