Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dealing With Stolen Lunches

What do you do when a lowdown co-worker pilfers your food or drinks from the company refrigerator? Have you ever sabotaged a sandwich or caught somebody ham handed? How do you keep thieves from swiping that prized ice cold can of coke?

Here's how some Houston workers kept the Ali Baba's away from their chow.

I threw this scenario out to the staff here at CTCN (namely myself) and came up with a few ideas to prevent workplace food thievery.

  • How about a little clear super hot sauce on a sandwich? Nothing like a little mouth pain to prevent thievery. Plus, you'll identify the thief...they'll be the one running around screaming, sweating, and cursing profusely.
  • Make put head cheese, tripe, or sweet breads in your glorious sandwich mix. Write a warning on you lunch bag, "Caution, sandwich contains intestines and or brains. Chow down hog."
  • Use multiple types of seafood critters. Can you imagine the offenders look when they bite into octopus, fresh squid, or a fish eye? Mmmmm.
  • Have your employer install a spy camera and present the offender with the video evidence. Lobby your employer to make refrigerator thievery a firing offense. Post the company policy on the refrigerator and let them know they're being watched.
  • If none of the above work, there's nothing like a dead rodent between two slices of bread.


Anonymous said...

This is my favorite qoute of this story...."... as well as "hero" departments like information technology, which come to your aid when you're down."

So you don't ever have to worry about me stealing your lunch....dinner howerver is different!

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