Monday, June 05, 2006

Roscoe Village Grows With Coffee Co. and I Can Only Imagine

For those in the know, Coshocton's own Coffee Co. will open a second store in Roscoe Village this weekend. Ruth and her crew will be located in the same building as Liberty Pottery.

For now, the Roscoe Village Coffee Co. will be a scaled down version of the Main St. store, but I suspect Ruth will expand even further in the near future.

Roscoe Village Coffee Co. offers a different product mix, but one thing remains constant and that's great coffee and tea. Ruth will offer a hand picked, premium selection of coffee beans. Also, she'll offer an organic, fair trade coffee bean product.

The Roscoe Village Coffee Co. will replace Main St. as the Sunday coffee place-to-be.

One more exciting Roscoe Village development: I Can Only Imagine, the funky, eclectic store about which I've written will be re-locating in the space above Coffee Co. I've visited Teri's under construction store and I'm excited.

Look for pictures of the new stores later this week on CTCN.


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