Monday, June 26, 2006

Help Lure Tourists To The Midwest

I read this article about luring tourists to the Midwest and thought CTCN readers could help by submitting a few slogans. Now, remember that truth in advertising is a midwestern virtue and don't fall into the Madison Avenue trap of glossing over the obvious. I'll start everyone with a few slogans of my own:

  • The Midwest: No Oceans, No Mountains, Great Yard Sales!
  • Experience Old School Fashion and Visit The Rust Belt!
  • Come Watch The Corn Grow!
  • Visit The Beautiful Midwest...We Have Stuff!
  • Take A Deep Breath In The Midwest and Come Smell the Cows
  • The Midwest...Who Say Root Canals Aren't Fun?
  • The Midwest: Come Visit Your Food Source...Or Else!
What do you have for a slogan?


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