Friday, May 19, 2006

Traffic Offenders Beware of Mayor Cassingham

May 1912--Twenty three automobile complaints were filed with Mayor Cassingham in one May week. Never missing an opportunity, Cassingham ordered the police department to arrest any driver who was caught speeding, driving without head lights or tail lights. First offenders were fined $5 while subsequent offenses offenses were $25.

According to the Labor Dept., if you were plumber, the prevailing wage was .75 cents per hour. A typical mill worker made less than $4 per week.

While I suspect only the well-to-do's drove automobiles and could afford paying fines, it's well known those that couldn't pay up, were shipped to the dreaded CANTON WORK HOUSE.

In another story, Mayor Cassingham threatened road constructors who were leaving unmarked 5 foot high gravel piles in the street.

So, here's the scenario. You're speeding (20 mph would do it), with unlit lamps, risking the wrath of Cassingham and, kaboom, you encounter a 5 foot gravel pile. Where's my horse?


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