Friday, May 19, 2006

Frog Jumping Jubilee Day: Get Yourself Some Critter Fritter

Frog Jumping Jubilee Day...I guess this holiday is a big deal to people in Calaveras County. You have to give them credit for developing a niche market. I continue to believe that Coshocton could host the Dodge-a-Deer 500.

This holiday should be called the Frog Olympics. Why don't they develop additional events like Frog Gymnastics or Frog Boxing? I'm sure the French could dominate Frog Olympics.

Exactly, how do you train a frog? Do aerobicized frogs perform better than muscle head frogs who train at Golds Pond?

What do they do with losing frogs? Do they end up in the concession booth, "Earl's Fabulous French Fried Frog Legs"; or do they retire to the Old Frogs Home?

How much longer can I drag out this freaky frog post?


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