Friday, May 26, 2006

Theatres & Local Mayor Butt Heads

May 26, 1916--Ninety years ago you could visit the Utahna Theatre and see the picture show In The Web Of Grafters and Passers By. At the Triangle, you could see America's sweetheart Mary Pickford in Poor Little Peppina.

If live theatre was your bag, you could see Heidelberg Girls at the Pastime Theatre (the home of the real pipe organ).

Just make sure you went Friday or Saturday because Sunday was a no-no.

Mayor Richardson promised to prosecute any theatre owners who were open on Sundays. The theatre owners vowed to stay open and the battle lines were drawn. According to the Tribune, people in the community, especially those businesses open on Sunday, expressed concern. Ministers, however, were surprised that the picture shows wanted to be open on Sundays.


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