Thursday, May 25, 2006

Back To Barbeque

Okay, now that everyone's hungry, here are a handful of barbeque resources.

You can do the Q by mail. It's not cheap, but you only die once, right?

  • Jack Stack Barbecue does Q right. Meat is tender and the beans are killer.
  • Another favorite of mine: Zarda Bar-B-Q. These cats do fantastic ribs, burnt ends, and brisket. Always tender, always delicious.
  • Corky's BBQ rates high and does an excellent pulled pork.
  • Although I've never eaten there, City Barbeque in Columbus comes highly recommended

If you're ever in Manhattan, you must visit Virgil's Real Barbeque. Virgil's is as good as the best and better than most Q joints. You can get a list of their favorite Q joints, too.

If you want to do your own, start by reading Paul Kirk's Championship Barbeque. This cat is the real deal baron of barbeque and has the championship ribbons to prove it. You can pick up the book at the Coshocton Library or order it through Amazon.

You can visit The Smoke Ring online to pick up how to do it yourself info.

I've only skimmed the surface. There are hundreds of great BBQ restaurants and a plethora of sauces, cookers, woods, styles, and most importantly, tastes and opinions. Have fun!


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