Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mayor Cassingham Earns Popularity Points With Police Department

May 1912--Mayor Cassingham openly criticized, while in court, Police Chief Mapel and threatened to replace him. The incident arose after a woman used foul language after being insulted by a male...ummm...visitor. Neighbors complained of her shrill, harsh language and charged that she sat in a window, leg dangling, while smoking a cigarette. Cassingham claimed that Mapel was sympathetic to the female offender. Cassingham launched into a tirade telling Mapel that he would be replaced if Third Street didn't get cleaned up immediately.


Anonymous said...

Could all this have happened at the building on the corner of Third and Main, long rumored to be a bordello upstairs?

Randy M. Combs said...

The article doesn't give a specific address, but if it had, I suspect business might have boomed.

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