Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Kobe Beef Bandits Feed The Poor

A politically motivated group of merry Robin Hood types have been swooping into German high end eateries and swooping out with food for the poor. The group dress in super hero costumes and rip off prime priced eats from restaurants/retailers who cater to upscale garbage hounds (or gourmands, if you prefer)."Holy high priced steak, herr Batman, let's feed this street person a big hunk of Kobe beef."

Could a group such as this operate within Coshocton? What would you think Coshoctonians if Buck Tooth Fish Boy, Kitchen Utensil Girl, and Super Sauerkraut Man visited your table at Sport Zone? Would you willingly hand over your peanut butter and jelly wings, Intimidator steak, or Brew City fries to feed the poor? Or would the fight be on? As for me, take the steak and fries, but it'll be a monkey knife fight for the wings.


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