Monday, May 22, 2006

Another Holiday Mash Up

Yesterday, we celebrated National Waiter/Waitress Day and National Memo Day.

First thing in the morning, I wrote a memo to the Mrs. that we'd be dining out for breakfast. I had neither the inclination nor mental capacity to prepare anything that snap, crackled, or popped.

Which brings up the main reason we dine out. It's not to save time, although it does (who likes breakfast cleanup?). We dine out because our food gets brought to us prepared. Eggs, toast, bacon and hash browns delivered to my table. Life doesn't get much better that that. I love the people who make my life better, namely the waitstaff. They listen to my bad jokes and force out laughter. They bring me re-fills and clean up after me. Because of that, I always tip and tip well.

The pundits de-cry our ever expanding waistlines and often blame it on video games, television, and soda pop. Well, I think it's because of waiters and waitresses. Think about it. If you had to catch your own food, drag it to the restaurant and serve yourself, your waistline would shrink, agreed?

Memo #1 to CTCN readers: tip well. Memo #2: to all the church groups (or any kind of large group) that show up and run waitresses ragged and leave no or paltry tips: read the above paragraph and memo #1.

By the way, my favorite Coshocton serving professional works at Sport Zone. Her name is Heather, and I'm nominating her for saint canonization.


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