Friday, April 28, 2006

Young Coshocton Women Assailed By Ruffian

Here's the 1896 scene. A party of fresh, young Coshocton ladies are enjoying a spin around town in their horseless carriage. While puttering along river road, the tender lasses happened upon a scurvy young ruffian who disliked their opulence and new fangled contraption.

The young Coshocton beauties called out and asked if their carriage might frighten the ruffian's horse. He responded "no" and our virtuous young women wheeled past. The ruffian turned his horse about and dashed after the women. The girls became frightened and one girl was slightly injured after being bumped by the ruffian's hell horse.

The paper had this to say, "It is regretted that this cowardly ruffian is unknown to the young ladies. However, he may yet be seen and recognized by some of the party, when his arrest will follow, and he will probably be given a dose in the penitentiary or stone pile, that will cure him of his propensity for such brutal and dangerous amusement."


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