Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mysterious Couple Sought by Police

April 1912--Swindlers who identified themselves as Mr. and Mrs. Ross Smith, Ward, and Dickerson worked their way through Coshocton. Often, the Mrs. part of the duo worked as a maid-for-hire and relieved her new employer's, once they weren't looking, of cash.

The swindle worked like this. Mrs. Smith would show up at a victim's door asking for house cleaning work. Once admitted, she performed her work admirably. Then, Mrs. Smith would receive word that Mr. Smith had fallen ill and was in the Coshocton hospital. The sympathetic employer would excuse her and Mrs. Smith would never return. Suspicions arose and perfunctory searches illuminated the swindle.

Authorities put the word out, found the couple operated under other identities and the search for the mystery couple began.


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