Monday, April 10, 2006

Searching For The Roscoe Fire Demon

Just about an hour ago, I had the pleasure of touring the Coshocton County Courthouse with Clerk of Courts Irene Crouso Miller. Irene shared her vast knowledge about the courthouse and Coshocton history. Also, she's heading up a much needed court house restoration project; more of which I'll write about later this week.

For those of you who've followed the Roscoe Fire Demon case, you'll recall Fred Landerman's name. Mr. Landerman, suspected to be the culprit, committed suicide prior to the grand jury's questioning. Also, he wrote a lengthy suicide letter to the Coshocton Daily Age declaring his innocence. As of yet, Fred Landerman is innocent until something proves otherwise.

In a strange moment, I spoke with Irene Miller about the Fire Demon case and whether she had any records regarding the case. I could not recall Mr. Landerman's name and told her I'd remember before the end of our conversation. While touring the courthouse, she took me into an old records room which, at one time, had been a holding room for those who'd been criminally charged and were to appear in court that day. The wall was filled with graffitti; names and dates ranging back into the late 1800's. It was there I recalled Fred Landerman's name. His name, graffitti scrawled across the wall, was dated 1896.


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