Monday, April 17, 2006

Save The Coshocton County Courthouse

Recently, I had the pleasure of touring the Coshocton County Courthouse with the County Clerk of Courts, Irene Crouso Miller. We talked about Coshocton history and, in particular, courthouse history. Irene's knowledge of Ohio County courthouse's (she's visited all 88) is unparalleled.

You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who bleeds knowledge about our county courthouse like Irene. You see, Irene's on a mission or a crusade if you like. She wants to preserve and restore the focal point and heart beat of Coshocton county, our court house.

The four story structure, built from 1873 to 1875 by S. Harold & Co., cost $65, 597. to construct. Once furnishings and finery were added, the total cost was close to $100,000. What a building! Designed in Second Empire Architectural Style, the structure features elaborate dormer windows and a still functioning five story clock tower.

But Irene's quest isn't about the past, it's about the future. Sadly, she pointed out the decay and wood rot deterioration (see picture) which can't be seen from the street level. The beautiful dormers have fallen into disrepair. Irene mentioned how people are alarmed after touring the structure.

The bottom line: we, as a community, need to pony up and save this structure. Our forefathers worked hard and got the place built. The least we can do is save the courthouse as a way to say thanks for a great building.

There has been a feasibility study done and restoring the courthouse won't be cheap. It's going to take hard work by the county community to keep our heart beat healthy. Irene needs help and she welcomes anybody who has time to devote to this crucial project. You can contact Irene at 622-1456 or e-mail her at . Let her know you want to be on the team.

One more thing: let your county commissioners, current and those running for office, know that you want this building saved. If we start making a little noise, then the project will get the attention it deserves.


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