Monday, April 10, 2006

Drunken Man Is Not Tolerated

April 1912--"A man can't be drunk almost incessantly around Coshocton and get away with it for he is going to bring down the ire of Mayor Cassingham around his head. For just such offenses Bill Shaffer, one of the well known characters around town, is now serving a year sentence in the Canton workouse.

Shaffer has been locked up so frequently in the last few years that he could call the city prison his second home or could easily become Seth Decker's son by adoption for he has qualified for that position many times over. Last Monday night Shaffer was picked up on Main St. by Lieut. Hankins and locked up on a charge of intoxication. He was held in the city prison until Thursday noon. A week ago when he was locked up the mayor warned him that if the offense was committed again he would be headed straight for the work house. But Bill was given another chance Thursday. He left the cold gray basement tile for the fresh air. And he hit it again for the first saloon he came to. The result was that Thursday evening he was drunk again and the cops nabbed him. Friday the mayor issued his verdict: one year in the Canton work house. Bill was taken there Saturday.


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