Saturday, January 28, 2006

Looking For A Coshocton Animal Theme Week

Starting tomorrow, Woodstock, IL, kicks off their weeklong celebration, Groundhog Days.

I've been thinking, Coshocton should have a weeklong animal theme celebration. How about something for the thousands of crows who call Coshocton home? We could have an annual "Crows on Parade" to coincide with an "Annual Crow Cookoff". I'd bet Grandma has a fantastic recipe for "Crow-N-Sauerkraut" tucked away in her apron. Also, how about a crow scavenger hunt? This would consist of personally trained crows ripping open garbage bags throughout the community. The crow who rips open the most wins the coveted "Baggie". Also, we could have BIG TIME WRESTLING where crows and turkey vultures wrestle for Coshocton County bird supremacy.

Hmmm...if crows aren't your bag, how about an annual "Dodge-a-Deer 500"? After all, this is a strong NASCAR community. last groan. How about the Coshocton Toxic Fish Festival? The first sportsman to catch a buck toothed fish wins.


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