Monday, August 21, 2006

Ten Things You Shouldn't Buy New

I'm notorious for buying used and that's why I thought this article, 10 Things You Shouldn't Buy New, might be helpful to CTCN readers.

After reading over the list, I thought of a few more things you shouldn't buy new.

  • Food--you'd be astonished at what Americans throw away. There are groups in New York City who haunt the dumpsters of upscale grocers and restaurants. Often, you can find some serious gourmet stuff thrown away...still in original packaging. If dumpster diving ain't your thing, hit the stores that sell discontinued items. You can find good stuff at a store like the Coshocton Big Lots if you're willing to shop. Recently, I picked up some Pacific Chai product for one third of what I've paid in chain stores. Technically, I know this isn't used food, but pre-chewed food kind of makes me feel icky.
  • Wives--first time wives are like beta versions of software. Buggy and confusing with numerous calls to a help desk. Get a used wife who's older, wiser, and fun. Let someone else deal with the marriage depreciation and attorney fees.
  • Shoes--women can buy top quality designer shoes on places like E-bay for pennies on the dollar. Of course, I'd never buy used, sweat soaked tennis shoes. Or underwear, for that matter.
  • Bicycles--c'mon, do kids really need a new bicycle. There exist numerous wayward, orphan bicycles who need new homes. Besides, with a can of spray paint, you can make an old bike look custom, baby.
  • Musical Instruments--another item you can buy for pennies on the dollar. I purchased a used $900 guitar for $200 bucks. It's not perfect, but sounds great. Think about this one before you purchase a band instrument for your kid. Numerous band instruments are gathering dust in closets everywhere.
  • Farm Animals--are you really going to care if somebody else rode that pony? True, a used cow may not give as much milk, but they do make great barbeque. And will you faint if you buy a pig that's been dirty?
Well, that's it for my contribution to second hand land. What other items should you not buy used?


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