Friday, July 28, 2006

Area Man Survives Crash With Train

July 1910-- Charles Mobley counted his lucky stars on warm July night and lived to tell his story of surviving a train collision.

Mobley's horse and buggy were struck by the westbound #25 train after Mobley fell asleep on his way home. In the Coshocton Daily Age, Mobley recounted his near brush with instant death. He said he started home at about midnight and on the way became drowsy and dropped asleep. He didn't wake up until the crash.

The horse, with no one in control, wandered onto the Rock Run Crossing just as the train approached. The engine struck the horse in the head killing it instantly. Mobley was thrown into the side of the engine, knocked unconscious, and landed in a ditch. After regaining consciousness, Mobley set out on foot and summoned a neighbor to assist him. When they arrived, they found the buggy slightly damaged and the dead horse. Mobley walked away with a bruised knee.

The horse was buried near the river and Charles Mobley counted himself lucky.


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