Monday, March 06, 2006

Hot Cigar Ash In Coshocton Man's Pocket Sets Him On Fire

March 6, 1912--When entering city hall, a man not wanting to waste a good cigar extinguished said tobacco delight in his pocket. Apparently forgetting about the long burning nature of tightly wrapped tobacco leaves, he caught on fire. Fortunately, he was able to extinguish the fire and sustained only minor injury.

In recent burning man news, comes this Boston story. Boston's mayor, outraged at the attack, has made the apprehension of the offenders a priority. Indeed, it's an outrage that human's would find pleasure in setting one another afire, but where's the outrage that, in our wealthy country, the victim was homeless and sleeping in a park?

Also, taser happy Florida police continue making headlines. This time, the taser sets a man on fire.


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