Friday, March 07, 2008

Time to Re-boot

Here we are, months later, with no posts and a changed name.

For those of you who don't know, I split from Coshocton (and Coshocton Then Coshocton Now). Now, I have Swollen Itching Brain.

Now, at a crossroads, I ask myself, "Do I delete CTCN or build on top of it?"

After deciding there's too much interesting CTCN material, I'm opting to build over top of it.

New readers might be confused. What in the hell is Coshocton and who cares?

Well, you can read about homicidal Cletus Reese or headless Mary Stockum, but the content will change. There won't be any new Coshocton material.

I'm taking this blog into new non-focused directions.

Mostly, I'll head toward pop culture. In particular, music.

I'll post humorous and music related videos.

I'll write reviews about products I love. I'll try to steer clear of politics (but make no promises).

Who knows what else may grace these electronic missives? Hopefully, I can take this in an edgy direction.

Nonetheless, if you have suggestions or comments, leave 'em.


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