Friday, May 11, 2007

The Return of The Friday Laff Fest

Traditionally, I've posted only videos for the Friday Laff Fest. Today, I'm beginning with the 25 funniest analogies (collected by high school English teachers).

Also, for your reading enjoyment, 101 Ways to Annoy Your Co-Workers. As if 101 weren't enough, here's five more:

  • Burp the star spangled banner with a kazoo jammed up your left nostril.
  • Say "we don't go for no law 'round here, law dog" whenever your boss walks by.
  • Hang a disco ball above your cube. Shine a laser pen on the ball and exclaim "Do the hustle"! every time management tells you how important you are to the company.
  • Wearing x-ray glasses and exclaiming "ooooooh lah lah" whenever someone walks by your cubicle.
  • Answer all phone calls with your best Gilbert Gottfried voice.
Okay, now for videos. First up, for my Memphis all star, Snow Shovel Bill, here's Pulp Muppets.

Feeling lost during Lost conversations? Do you suffer from Lost Discussion Deficiency Syndrome? There is a solution, Losticil.

Finally, 101 impressions in four minutes.

Does your stomach hurt yet?


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