Friday, December 08, 2006

Quick, Pull My Friday Laff Fest

Maybe you, maybe you have not, but if you haven't seen the world's most dangerous comedian, you can now.

Here's a night time surveillance video of two nimrod criminals who apparently never learned cause and effect.

Today's kind of special because I have two video's for Mrs. CTCN. Her love of 80's music should find her loving this, cough, video. To help secure her holiday cheer, here's a rendition of "O Holy Night".

For surrogate Mrs. CTCN, a not funny video, but an adult-built-to-scale, ummm, collectible. After seeing this, she'll have scale model envy.

If you've never seen a 300 lb. safe dropped on a car, well, you'll enjoy this. Last, but not least, an infrared image of man breaking wind. Go ahead, watch it, you know you want to.


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