Monday, November 06, 2006

Time To End One Party Rule

Can you tell both political parties have dumped big money into the Ohio elections?

I'm amazed at the volumes of road garbage known as political advertising. Our phone rings incessantly. I won't venture into television wasteland where thousands of political ads air weekly.

In an effort to clean up my bookmarks, I'm going to purge the politics.

I'm convinced that tomorrow's election need to re-establish some type of balance to the political process. One party rule has failed miserably. Here's a big reason why we need balance.

Many people accuse me of Democrat politics, but I've always been an independent. Often, my thoughts fall toward the conservative, libertarian side of the spectrum. Unfortunately, both parties have fallen too far to either side of the political spectrum. But with tomorrow's election, I, like many Ohioans, have found numerous reasons, both nationally and locally to vote a straight Democratic ticket.

Hell, even The American Conservative says the GOP has got to go.

If you're not certain about the level of political corruption, then watch this video before you vote tomorrow.

Speaking of voting, there have been media reports about potential scandal in the voting process.
If you encounter anything unusual tomorrow, don't take it lying down.

Here are 12 ways to safeguard your vote.


Anonymous said...

I urge everyone who reads this to vote a straight Democrat ticket on Tuesday. Then please print the following article and read it about 4 years from now. It is written by a staunch Democrat.

Randy M. Combs said...

Now Mr. Rove, don't you have enough on your hands?

I read the article and I kept thinking to myself...hmmm, wasn't it a Republican president who cut and ran in Vietnam? Of course, Dubya's daddy left Saddam in power. How come?

What would the Republican's do without a booger man?

Of course, if we wait four more years with the current power structure, I'm certain the Constitution will be totally suspended.

Never in our history has it been necessary to suspend habeus corpus. In all the wars we've fought, we've never found it necessary to maintain secret prisons. Never before has our country found it necessary to torture on such a grand scale and thumb our noses at international law. Never before have we found it necessary to shred the Constitution. Why now?

Are Democrats so incompetent that they've never taken our country into war? Can you say WW 2, Korea, and Vietnam?

Democrats do just fine at the war game. Certainly, they can't do worse than the current Keystone cop administration.

If we're fighting a war on terror, where's Bin Laden? Why do the Taliban control large parts of Afghanistan? If you're concerned about despots like Hussein, when are we going to roll up on China's beaches? Or North Korea? How about Pakistan?

Iraq isn't about terrorism, it's about black gold.

Mission accomplished.

Anonymous said...

When a very liberal media outlet runs a story about our own troops in harms way saying stay the course, kinda makes you pause...

Randy M. Combs said...

Hmmm...what was that editorial that came out in the Army Times today? Get rid of Rumsfeld? Doesn't sound like stay the course to me...but you know how liberal that the Army Times can be...

Anonymous said...

No love for the big Don here.

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