Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Robo-Calls At A Telephone Near You

Certain Republican's prove again that if you don't like the rules, rewrite them. This ethically challenged group of power hungry mutts show nothing's shocking.

Once again, we're served a campaign of deceit, dastardly deeds, and outright voter manipulation. In an effort to suppress voters, they've stooped to Robo-calls.

You can view what Keith Olbermann has to say about this dastardly deed.

The Washington Post weighs in on the brewing Robo call scandal. Let's not forget the New York Times. Oh, here's TPM, too.

Let's face it. Democrats aren't saints, but this kind of crap needs to be stopped.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Olberman, the man is clearly a genius, here is an interesting article that mentions him.


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