Saturday, November 04, 2006

Padgett Behind Space In Polls

Coshocton's Joy Padgett continues to trail in polls (by as much as 25%) for the upcoming Congressional election.

She's counting on voter turnout to make up the huge difference (doesn't every politician?).

This recent Columbus Dispatch article has a telling comment which illustrates exactly why Padgett shouldn't get the job. Southeast Ohio continues mired in unemployment muck. Our country nation is stuck in a multi-billion Iraq slaughterhouse.

What does Padgett think will energize her base? John Kerry's bad joke.

Of course, she'll hammer Kerry's bad joke because she doesn't want to talk about things that matter. She's toeing the classic Karl Rove obfuscate and misdirect line.

What does John Kerry have to do with southeastern Ohio? Can she not think for herself?


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