Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ney Sails While Padgett Bails

Say buh-bye to Bob "Freedom Fries" Ney.

Ol' convicted "Freedom Fries" finally decided to step down from his former Congressional seat.

Like a stinking albatross corpse, he hung around Joy Padgett's neck until voter's caught a big whiff of the stench. It's an odor that a truck load of baking soda can't cover up.

Factor in big questions about Padgett's financial disarray, with her questionable, vocal support for Ney until the moment he plead guilty, and you have a recipe for a huge Zack Space poll lead.

As I watched a Joy Padgett commercial this morning, she railed on Space's lack of plan to deal with job loss in the 18th. Job loss that has occurred under Republicans and Ney for twenty years.

In fact, almost everything on which she attacks, could be followed with the phrase "which happened under Bob Ney's twenty year term".


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