Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Men Addicted To Shopping

The stereotypical worldview of compulsive shopping has always been confined to women. I've never figured out why. If you spend a morning at Home Depot, Best Buy, or a liquor store, you'll see men doing the shop until you drop shuffle.

Live Science says many men are afflicted with compulsive shopping disorder; just like our female counterparts. Sweaty palmed and looking-for-a-shopping-buzz men tend to be less emotional and more practical. I guess the researchers have never been to a music store where "practical" men will browse through hundreds of choices.

Of course, compulsive shopping leads to whole host of financial difficulties and stress. Especially, when you're low on cash or can't find your favorite bottle of tequila.

Which leads to another interesting story about men driving the growth of internet shopping. According to the Financial Times, men are opting for internet shopping because it's quick, uncrowded, and easy-to-do. This trend has retailers and malls crapping in their cash registers.

I speak from personal experience. I do 90% of my Christmas shopping online in one fifth the time it takes to slog through the maddening mall experience. Also, I've found gift giving more thoughtful because there's no hurry avoid lines and crowds.


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