Monday, November 13, 2006

Get Ready For A Political Cage Match

After much thought (okay, I admit, it was a bourbon influenced phone conversation), I've decided to move national political matters off CTCN and onto Political Cage Match.

With the most important presidential election, of our lifetime, just two years away, I'm enlisting the poison pens of other opinionistas to write the wild world of politics. Sure, we're wide eyed and idealistic, but that's what this country needs.

Of course, none of us are qualified to be a "real political pundit", but we do understand how beltway policies affect our lives and families. Seemingly, that's the one thing the Washington millionaires club has forgotten.

We'll present both sides of the spectrum. There'll be heated arguments, sarcasm and, hopefully, little rhetoric. This will be Heartland bare knuckled brawling outside the beltway.

We're hoping you'll subscribe or bookmark Political Cage Match. More importantly, we hope you'll give your opinions and ideas.


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