Friday, November 10, 2006

Busy Bees Bashing Republicans

Wow, the lumps just keep coming.

First, Donald Rumsfeld gets fired.

Next, Ken Mehlman, head of the RNC quits and gets outed on Larry King.

John Bolton is on his way out the door.

Wait a minute, this gets better, or worse, depending on your political affiliation.

A lawsuit will be filed next week in Germany seeking criminal prosecution of Rumsfeld, former CIA director George Tenet, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and a whole host of Bush buddies. Who knows where this lawsuit will go, but German's have war crime trial experience and it's not just Americans who are hopping mad over the out-of-control administration.

What's next? Impeachment?


Anonymous said...

Let's be fair and report the facts. It is not the German government suing our leaders. It is enemy combatants taking advantage of a loophole in Germany's international court's jurisdictions laws. Anyone can go to Germany and file a lawsuit against any other person in the world. I could go and sue George Bush because I am distraught over the war in Iraq. These lawsuits will be bounced on merit. There may be some prima facia evidenciary hearings, but nothing beyond that. Again, this is not a foreign government suing U.S. officials. The day we applaude that, is the day we are willing to give up sovereign immunity and that my friends is a very very scarey notion. Do a little research and then be willing to come back and tell me you are in favor of giving up sovereign immunity. We might as well just disolve the government and hand our country over to the highest bidder. You may hate Donald Rumsfeld and the war, but do you really hate our country enough to root for the plaintiffs?

Anonymous said...

Ken Melhman quit? That's big news? Howard Dean quit. Nobody serves more than 2-4 years as a party chairman. It is a powerless and thankless job. Quick, name 5 past pary chairmen. Times up. And if Ken is gay, so what? Don't liberals love gays? They should be celebrating the fact that he is gay. Quick name two people in Nancy Pelosi's constituency who are not gay. Times up.

Randy M. Combs said...

Ummm...where does the post say anything about the German government filing the lawsuit? The post says the lawsuit is being filed in Germany. Germans will be part of the lawsuit because it will be filed with their top prosecutor.

The only people who are scared are the war criminals, i.e. the Bush administration. Why have so many CIA operatives bought insurance to protect themselves in case of lawsuits?

Again, where do I state that we should give up sovereign immunity?

Where is there any statement of hate toward the country?

You've taken the usual Republican tactic of twisting facts to spew jinogoistic rhetoric.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with being gay. Unless, you're heading up a party that caters to gay hating evengelicals. Unless, you're attempting to pass legislation that outlaws same sex marriage. Unless, one of your party's rhetorical cornerstones is bashing gays. Mehlman, Haggard, and Foley have all shown that Republicans are not as anti-gay as they would lead us to believe.

I guess the rheoric on most Republican issues has been shown to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

I'm all for more gayness in the Republican party. Have you ever seen the suits those guys wear? So drab and unspectacular.

But, let's face it. If the Republicants were to embrace the gay vote, that would be one less group of boogeymen to hate.

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