Thursday, October 05, 2006

Will Zack Space Maintain The Republican Status Quo?

I have to shake my head in amazement.

In the mail, the past two days, I've received campaign literature from the RNC which attacks Democratic candidate Zack Space. One sentence, in particular, I found astounding, "Democrat Zack Space could continue with the status quo for Ohio families."

So, what established the status quo and how in the hell did we get there?

Well, let's see. Republican Bob "Freedom Fries" Ney has been our congressional representative since 1995. Are the Republicans saying that Zack Space would continue Ney's legacy of confessed corruption?

The brochure continues, "Zack Space...he'll do nothing to create jobs". Well, if he maintains Ney's status quo of taking trips to Scotland and peddling his vote for Indian casinos in far away states, I guess they have something about which to howl. We've watched jobs leave by the droves under Ney's reign. Are the Republicans, who've established the status quo, maintaining that they've done a better job?

Of course, I'd be neglect to mention how Joy Padgett stood by "Freedom Fries", which tells me one of two things about Joy Padgett. Either she's an extreme poor judge of character, who'll get bamboozled by the DC shark pool, or she stood by Ney to...maintain the status quo!

Now, you must understand; I'm an independent voter. I vote for who I think is the best candidate; but this kind of crapola just doesn't wash.

How can the RNC expect anybody to take Joy Padgett seriously when they churn out this type of election year bilge?

If anyone from Zack Space's campaign would like to talk, post a comment.


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