Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why War Fails

I've oft maintained that if Americans knew historical truths, and not the text book mythologized versions taught in schools, our country would be a better place. Certainly, politicians wouldn't be able to conjure up past ghosts for rhetorical purposes.

For eye opening history, read The People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn. You can read excerpts here and here. Better yet, order a copy through your local library or bookstore and you'll gain insight into many of today's societal ills.

Which leads me to this recent article by Zinn, Why War Fails. He brings historical perspective to the Iraq failure and reminds us that these war moves have been pulled time and again. Like bullheaded, ignorant children, politicians continue putting our hand on a hot stove. We get burned and our children die. The politician playbook doesn't change, it's passed from generation to generation.

Here's another recent article, The Disneyfication of War Allows Us to Ignore Its Real Savagery, written by George Monbiot, shows us how war has been trivialized into entertainment.


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