Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Unborn 101

Who are the most influential people who were never born?

According to authors of The 101 Most Influential People Who Were Never Born, #1 is the Marlboro Man. From that point, there is a cornucopia of pop culture icons.

You can read the list here, and let the arguments begin.

Of course, I'll never agree that J.R. Ewing (#63), who's now forgotten, exerts more influence that Vito Andolini (The Godfather) or Tony Montana (say hello to my little friends), who didn't rate a ranking?

Where's the Bogeyman? For crying out loud, the Bogeyman (who should be top ten) has scared the crap out of humans, in numerous cultures, for centuries and he didn't warrant a place on the list? Parents whip out the Bogeyman every time a kid gets out of line. Many of those who made the list, including Frankenstein, Mr. Hyde, and the aforementioned J.R. Ewing are Bogeyman variations.

"You better do your homework or J.R. Ewing will force you into bankruptcy, sleep with your wife, and re-possess your baseball card collection".

CTCN readers...who do you think should be on the list? How about a re-arranged top ten?


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