Friday, October 20, 2006

Padgett Gets Pummeled By Press & Dems

Joy Padgett continues learning first hand about the glare of press and politics on a national level.

Questions about her bankruptcy are being hammered in the press and hounded by the Democrats. Of course, Republicans cry "dirty pool", but there are legitimate questions which need to be answered and Padgett's not talking.

As everyone knows, Padgett is the hand picked successor of Bob "Freedom Fries" Ney. She stood steadfast in her support for the soon-to-be prison bound congressman and that's poor judgement on her part.

To make matters worse, Ney continues hanging around Congress and collecting his paycheck until his fond farewell to the stripey hole. Where's the outrage? Where's action by the Republicans who control everything?

How many of Ney's constituents would continue to collect paychecks if they were found guilty, convicted, and headed for the big house?

I doubt Padgett can run an effective campaign with the "Freedom Fries" stench polluting the district.


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