Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Memory Loss and Picornavirus

Rejoice forgetful folks! Blame your defective memory no longer.

Mayo Clinic researchers have proposed memory loss may be due to a family of viruses. According to study results, picornaviruses accumulative affect can deteriorate your cognitive memory abilities.

Wow! Potential picornavirus excuses present a huge opportunity for forgetfulness.

"Honey, did you carry out the garbage?"
"Nope, my picornavirus is acting up!"

"Hello, our records indicate you've not made your car payment in 60 days."
"Sorry, I've been laid up with picornavirus. I could give you my doctor's name, but I forget it."

"Honey, what did you get me for our anniversary?"
"Sheesh, how many times must I say it? Picornavirus!?


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