Monday, October 23, 2006

Greetings On Over 800 Languages

Yongámo, CTCN readers, Kiel vi fartas?

For the uninitiated, the previous sentence combines three languages.

Yongámo means good morning as spoken in the Enga language of Papua New Guinea.

The middle bit, spoken in English, refers to you, the CTCN readers.

The third, Kiel vi fartas, is the international use of the Esperanto language means how are you.

Before you accuse me of becoming uncommunicative and elitist, you can head over to this site which gives you the ability to utter various greetings in over 800 languages.

You can learn to say hello, how are you, goodbye, please, thank you and do you speak English.

The question becomes; with so many greetings from which to choose, how will you say hello today?


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